Making Assessments, Billings and Collections as Easy as ABC, Since 1992

Tax Administration


  • Taxing Units

  • Levy Tables with Multiple Tiers

  • Multiple Tax Years

  • Certified Year Rolling Perios

  • Multiple Years of History, Limited Only By Storage Space

  • Tax Districts and Mileage

  • Multiple Names and Addresses Shared Across Tax Accounts

  • Intermedite Access

  • "What If" Payment Date Scenarios

Tax Accounting
  • Audit Tracking 
  • Audit Reporting
  • Over the Counter Payments
  • High Volume Payment Processing
Distribution and A/P
  • Multiple Tax Unit Management with Different Schedules and Pending Summaries
  • Individual and Ad Hoc Distributions
  • Full Featured Refund Processing





  • ​Control Access By User

  • Control Access By Workstation

  • User Maintained Authorization Approval Options Within Application

  • User Maintained Payment Transaction type Authorization Approval Options

Real Estate & Land Use


  • Cama System Interfaces

  • Robust and Efficient Processing 

  • Special Assessment Districts

  • Support for Taxpayer Discount Programs


Miscellaneous Billing


  • One Time, On Demand Billing

  • Parking Ticket Entry

  • Airport Hanger Rental/Airport Fees

  • Recurring billing

  • Insurance Premiums

  • Property Rental

CAMA Solution Interfaces

  • Vision Appraisal Technology

  • SMDA2000


  • General Interface for Other CAMA Solutions

Mass & Individual Billing


  • File or Print Image Export Capabilties for Outsource Printing

  • Cass Certification and NCOA Integration with Popular solutions

Interfacing & Integration


  • Real Time or Batch Interfaces

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Outsourcing Print Vendors

  • Utility Billing Solutions

  • CAMA Solutions

  • Internet Payment Providers

  • Lock Box Payment Processors

  • Web Services

  • Application Programming Interfaces (API's)

  • XML