PCI Team

The team of research and development, support and client services, project management, sales, training and accounting along with anybody else that's not been mentioned; is a hard working, dedicated group of people who are a formidable assembly.  With many of the team members calling PCI home for well over 10 years, this is more of a family than just a place to work.  In many of the marketing materials and newsletters when new clients are added they are indeed "welcomed to the PCI family." That type of atmosphere is aided by the well known focus on excellent customer service and follow up shown to each and every client from the first PCI client to the latest client acquired.  "We're known for our outstanding customer service," explained Alastair Main, PCI's Chief Executive Officer.  "We have an unspoken company code that the customer must always be given the utmost of respect and customer service.  It's what we hang our hat on as something that we do without question. It's what has given us a reputation without equal."

Alastair Main

PCI CEO Alastair Main has spent the past 35 years planning, building and successfully helping people manage information.  The past twenty of those years; a great deal of time has been spent working on and marketing  PCI's myRevenueSystem, the user friendly system of assessment, billing and collections software offered by PCI. The company he co-founded with his late partner, Dave Perttunen in 1983 has grown steadily over the years.  “It has been a sincere privilege to have built a solid reputation for our robust software product and extraordinary customer service,”  states Main.  “We have surrounded ourselves with loyal clients, and an incredibly bright group of people on our team here at PCI.  Some of our PCI team members have been with us for over twenty years. That is a testament to who we are and what we do at PCI.  We feel a distinct sense of accomplishment for the hard work and long hours devoted to designing a product that works  incredibly well.” Thanks to high standards and hard work; Alastair Main has set the bar high for all of the people who work together as the team known as PCI.