Making Assessment, Billing
and Collection as easy as ABC
We at PCI provide payment, billing and accounts receivable solutions for use within Government. Our premiere products include myRevenueSystem and myRevenueCollector.

All of our products are powerful, easy to use windows based systems designed to help any organization accelerate billing, and receipting of revenue, minimize cash handling losses and improve the overall accountability of the entire process. PCI solutions are designed to interface to your existing systems whether they are PC, mini or mainframe based to provide consolidated billing and receipting of many different types of payments.

Please take a moment to browse our site. You will find that we provide comprehensive systems for billing, cash receipting and receivables management. They can be combined with other available modules (Imaging, Internet payments, remote kiosks, remittance processors, etc.), to create a billing and receipting package that is unparalleled in the industry. In addition, PCI provides custom software design and consulting allowing us the flexibility to design a system to meet your specific requirements.

PCI's myRevenueSystem is a scalable, multi-user, client-server application that provides users with a consolidated billing application for almost any bill type. Customer billing information of all types can be billed, tracked and reported in one application and, in most cases, one screen.

PCI's myRevenueCollector is a consolidated cashiering solution designed to be a centralized payment system/database for City and County Government to receipt all types of revenue whether they are Taxes, Utilities, Permits, Fees and Fines, etc.

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Franklin County, Virginia selects myRevenueSystem
Franklin County's selection committee and Board of Supervisors have selected PCI and the myRevenueSystem as the software solution that bests meets the County's current needs.
The City of Suffolk selects myRevenueSystem and myRevenueCollector from PCI
PCI is pleased to welcome the City of Suffolk, Virginia to their growing list of users of the myRevenueSystem.

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